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(€) 4390000,  Thurgau,  Thurgau
The paperwork trips up many international buyers and can significantly slow the purchase process or even make you miss an opportunity. Find out which documents are typically required for each stage of buying a property in Switzerland, including arranging a mortgage, signing the contract of sale and applying for a permit to buy a Swiss property.
Funding a property purchase effectively is key to a successful investment. Whether you're buying a family home or an investment vehicle, taking advantage of Switzerland's low mortgage rates can improve the return. Find out how to find a Swiss mortgage and learn about the application process so you'll be prepared for this big step.
The costs of buying and selling a property in Switzerland are relatively low, but they typically fall to the buyer to pay. Our guide will give you a detailed overview of the costs you can expect when purchasing a property in Switzerland. Common costs include property taxes, real estate agent's fees and property registration fees.
Switzerland is divided into 26 cantons, each with their own regional government, and has four official languages. Add in the dramatic geography and you truly have a country of contrasts. Our guide takes you on a swift tour of Switzerland's major areas, helping you understand the options available for property investment.
There are four official languages in Switzerland, and although English is widely spoken, it's not one of them. Many estate agents specialise in international property purchase, and can guide you through the process, even acting as a translator and negotiating with the seller on your behalf. But who do you choose a good one?
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