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new Brazil 50 Ha plot near Manaus Real estate for BARGAIN PRICE! For sale beautiful and large 50 ha plot - agriculture Property - Farm in Brazil on the Br319 road Km 210. The Dimension is 250m x 2000m. There are various on the property Fruit trees plantations which are expanded to large plantations as well as a wooden house 4m x 6m and electricity and various Water sources. The property is ... More info

neu Brasilien 1000 Ha Land bei Erdoel - Erdgas Stadt em Silves, Amazonas, Brasilien. Werden Sie Grossgrundbesitzer - Immobilien zum SCHNÄPPCHENPREIS! Das schöne und riesengrosse Grundstück liegt in der Nähe Erdoel - Erdgas-Stadt Em Silves. Die Bodenfläche ist 10'000'000m². Es hat verschiedene Wasserquellen und Fruchtpflanzungen und Waldgebiet - Buschwerk. Das Grundstück ist nicht ... More info

New Brazil 100 Ha plot with fruit plantation near Manaus AM Become a landlord - real estate for a BARGAIN PRICE! The beautiful and large plot is located near Manaus and has the dimension 500m X 2'000m. On the property it has various fruit plantations such as: Açaí, Cupuaçu, Tucuma and small streams (Igarapé). The property is partially developed, a large part of the property is still unde... More info

new Brazil 1300 Ha plot near Manaus AM Become a landlord - real estate for a BARGAIN PRICE! The beautiful and huge property is located about 2 hours drive northwest of Manaus and 20 km from the city of Novo Airão. It lies 13'000m along the Rio Negro river. The floor area is 13'000'000m2. The dimension is 1'000m x 13'000m. It has various water sources and fruit plantations and woodlan... More info

Brazil beautiful and very large plot 200 Ha (2'000'000m2) in Uricurituba AM Become a landlord for the BARGAIN PRICE! Description The beautiful plot is 3 hours from Manaus and is suitable for cattle breeding, fish farming), and the cultivation of fruit plantations. A land exploration for mineral resources such as gold, oil, natural gas, etc. has not yet been made. Since the property ... More info

Brazil 3'500 Ha property with acai and chestnut plantations AM... More info