Recommended reading on buying property and living in Greece

Jos Deuling,  Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Moving to and living in Greece

This book is designed to proffer advice and ‘Top Tips’ about moving to and living in Greece. Chapter by chapter, it introduces you to everything the Author learned (usually the hard way!). When he and his wife moved to live permanently in a rural area of Greece, they had done their research, but they still had plenty more to learn for themselves and they also learned things from others. The objective is to give you as much advice, information and practical tips in order to make your move to Greece and your life living there easier.

Written by an expatriate, the social commentary offers a humorous guide to assimilating in Greece and learning how to chill out, Greek style. It's ideal for any foreigner interested in Greece, as well as for Greeks, who want to have a good laugh at themselves and feel proud of all they have (and have not) done.

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This is a super read

Griekse salade The typical Greek cuisine prefers main dishes that are prepared in the oven and either kept warm or eaten lukewarm anyway. Bread, mostly Greek white bread, is eaten with all dishes. In general, you cook with a lot of olive oil. With the general increase in living standards in the last decades of the 20th century, meat consumption has risen sharply. 
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