Recommended reading on buying property, moving, living and working in Italy

Jos Deuling,  Monday, 11 July 2016

Buying property in Italy

This book is a real gem with lots of fantastic information and is written by somebody with mountains of experience in Tuscany. An easy read that takes a refreshing look at a wide range of themes from the disappointing house-hunting adventures undertaken by thousands of foreign pilgrims to restoring a Tuscan roof, re-pointing a stone facade or installing a dream pool. The buying process in Italy is thoroughly examined with updates on recent laws and regulations.

An A-Z of the ins and outs of buying a property in Italy, written by a FIAIP estate agent with free updates for 2 years. Everything you need to know about the house buying process in Italy.

Moving to and living in Italy

Living and Working in Italy is intended to meet the needs of anyone wishing to know the essentials of Italian life however long your intended stay in Italy, you ll find the information contained in this book invaluable.

If you have ever felt the need to leave your own country and move to Southern Italy, then this book is for you, as this is what the writer did, over 17 years ago. The A to Z of living in Southern Italy gives the reader an insight into his experiences and goes through everything from, family life, health care, dentists, small town culture and lots more. With incidents thrown in such as reporting a fire to the emergency services and getting an answer-phone message, this book has everything that you need to know about what it is like to be an Englishman coping with life in the south of Italy.

Working in Italy

So, you want to move to Italy for six months but you don't speak the language well. How do you look for a job? Your heart is set on buying a farmhouse in Tuscany. What are the legal pitfalls to avoid? You'd like to study in Rome, but your college doesn't have a program. Which schools should you apply to?

Old italian housedoors
All types of Italian property for sale by private sellers and estate agents. Find your perfect houses, farmhouses or apartment in all regions of Italy including Liguria, Tuscany, Umbria and Marche. 
A delightful little course

Landscape Abruzzo After years of contraction, Italian house prices are showing modest growth for the first time this year. Standard & Poor's predicts an average increase of 0.5 percent in a report published this month. This means that Italy has the worst-performing housing market in Europe. 
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