Recommended reading on buying property, moving and living in Portugal

Jos Deuling,  Sunday, 10 July 2016

Buying property in Portugal

Buying a home in Portugal should be straightforward, yet often people fall foul of some of the hidden pitfalls that can derail their overseas property dreams. In this clearly laid out and no-nonsense guide, Gabrielle Collison shares her insider tips and practical, streetwise advice on how to buy a property in Portugal.

Moving to and living in Portugal

Many people go on holiday to a beautiful sun-drenched location and say "I wish we lived here." Louise and Ben Taylor decided to make their dream a reality. After extensive planning, they left rainy London behind and set off for the idyllic scenery of Portugal's eastern Algarve.

House in quiet street in Spanish village
All types of property for sale in Portugal by private sellers and estate agents. Find your perfect villa, condominium or apartment in the Algarve or the Silver Coast. 

green pastures portugal Buying property in any country has its challenges. However, there is a very clear process for buying property in Portugal and, as long as you keep yourself sufficiently informed and seek the guidance of a good lawyer and real estate agent, the entire procedure can be completed without much hassle. 
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