123 Homes for Sale in Brazil

(€) 99800,  Maricá - Inoa,  Rio de Janeiro
(€) 59000,  Itaipuacu,  Rio de Janeiro
(€) 480000,  Niteroi,  Rio de Janeiro
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Do you need a lawyer for the real estate acquisition process in Brazil? How to choose a trusted lawyer? Do you need a real estate agency? What can a decent real estate agency offer to a foreigner looking to buy property in Brazil? These and other questions keep nagging foreign buyers when they begin their property search. Read our simplified coverage on realtors and lawyers in Brazil.
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Country of Pele, Paolo Coelho and Nelson Piquet, Brazil boasts of hundreds of miles of dazzling beaches, vibrant nightlife and a large variety of real estate opportunities. In this article, we give a concise overview of country’s regions and the real estate market trends. See the sample real estate prices for most popular regions in Brazil, both in beachfront communities and buzzing metropolitan Rio de Janeiro.
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Title transfer process in Brazil is rather simple and transparent, provided all documents comply with the current laws and regulations. Depending on the acquisition type, as an individual owner, or shares transfer within an existing Corporation, as well as the presence or absence of mortgage clause, the list of documents, of course, differs. Nevertheless, some prerequisites are universal for all types of property acquisition deals in Brazil.
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Brazil offers unlimited real estate opportunities for foreign buyers. Read this article for a detailed outline of the buying process – main participants, paperwork, verification process, contracts, requirements and prerequisites. We also dwell on restrictions imposed on foreign buyers when acquiring property in Brazil. Overall, the process seems typical, but as in any country, the red tape requirements are particular and you need to comply with them to secure your property rights.
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The property’s price tag is not the full amount you must be prepared to pay when closing the deal, paying the lawyers, notaries, agents, banks and municipalities. All related registries and offices are sure to charge you a fee; so, understanding how the system works and what it charges will help you get prepared for the additional spending costs.
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