Why buy a house in Morocco ?

Nadia Sadak,  Friday, 22 November 2013


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Why should one go to Morocco? Many people ask each other this question before actually deciding to live in the beautiful country full of beauties and cultural material. Morocco has several different features that make it one of the nicest options for one to choose nowadays. In fact the country has beautiful towns and different cultures to make people choose it. Not only is Morocco expanding economically speaking, it also counts with beautiful coastal beaches and much more to entertain and have people relax. The country has coastal lines over the Mediterranean sea and also the Atlantic, giving visitors the chance to choose where they would like to do next.

Morocco is a market still under development which gives people the chance to find great deals and also find great job opportunities. The foreign investment is giving the country the chance to grow faster and faster every passing year. The government also keeps investment on tourism plans that plan to increase the number of arrivals that were only 2 million back in 2002 to huge 10 million by 2010. The next years tend to be even better since the country has received over $10 billion dollars on tourism.

The country has also created over 600.000 new formal jobs which is also helping the overall country’s development. The country is truly a wonderful option for those who would like a nice place to live. The government has been investing in infra-structure and increasing the quality of schools and the public health. The country has both industrial and agricultural foundations that make the country improve its quality each passing year. If you are looking for lots of culture then Morocco is also the right place for you. In fact the Muslim community combined with all the story and the addition of Christians and Jewish make the place a peaceful area for all cultures and religions.

Although Morocco is known for its hot temperatures the country is beautifully green and rainy since it gets plenty of water from the Atlas Mountains and other areas. You will get the beauty of the beach and the mystery of the desert, all in the very same country.

The properties and the country’s financial potential.

The properties in Morocco are varied with several different options. You will be able to choose from beautiful houses to apartments and also townhouses. You will have a mix of old and brand new architecture that makes the city even more beautiful. Apart from the beautiful features the best thing about the Moroccan properties is the fact that it has lower price usually. Every single year people from all over the world come to the country looking for their brand new residence, and they actually find it for a very good deal. The developing community together with all the opportunities offered by the country make the region simply a wonderful option.

The right city for you!

In fact all cities in Morocco are welcoming, especially for foreigners. If you would like to have an urban property you should pick a city between Fez and Marrakech. Fez is better for the Islamic communities, whereas Marrakesh is perfect for foreigners and people who would be attracted by tourism destinations. There you will be able to find very technological villas and townhouses with everything all families would need. You will have hospitals and also international schools at your disposal.

The main cities: Marrakech.

Main features:

  • Unique location with tourism attractions
  • Cheap and good to invest
  • Sun all year through
  • Easy access to northern Europe
  • Established market
  • Beautiful areas to go sight seen such as the mountains and gardens
  • The real state is of higher quality and is very accessible nevertheless
  • The city receives massive investments from the government
  • Only 3 hours away by flight from Europe
  • Reliable train services and great infra-structure all around
  • Hospitals and international schools
  • The real estate market is booming making the city a wonderful place to invest
  • Safe to live
  • Advantage tax concessions and lower property taxes all around
  • Brand new roads and airports
The main cities: Saidia.

Main features:

  • Glamorous areas of the country with beautiful 5 star everything!
  • Cheap and attractive to buy
  • The area with the best beaches in the country
  • A great reference for those who are into the Mediterranean life style and culture
  • Perfect place for cruisers and also water sport lovers
  • Fancy products and properties for very good prices, much lower than those seen in closer European countries such as London, Spain and France.
  • Perfect area to invest on since the King of the country has been giving special tax rules to increase the number of residents and also of visitors
  • Over 6km of breathtaking beaches and over 20 beach clubs to the whole family
  • Wonderful 10 luxurious hotels and resort like areas for visitors or even residents that would like to enjoy the best of the city
  • Perfect area for foreigners to move to
  • 3 golf courses with championships and much more
  • 5 star facilities that work all year round offering people a gymnasium, shops, delicious bars and restaurants for the whole family, spas and international stars that sell top quality products
  • Cultural places and the beautiful and very traditional Moroccan market area
  • Tennis, football clubs and other sports facilities
  • Indoor and outdoor public pools for the whole family
  • Yacht clubs
  • Medical centers with all the quality and assistance
  • Water parks for the whole family

Moroccan interior
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