63 Homes for Sale in Costa Rica

San Rafael de Heredia,  Costa Rica
(€) 1000000,  Heredia,  Costa Rica
(€) 300.000,  Monteverde,costa rica,  Costa Rica
Mountain in Costa Rica
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Can I as a foreigner buy property in Costa Rica? What is the procedure? Do I need a lawyer? Do I need a real estate agent? Is investing in Costa Rican real estate wise? Can I get a mortgage? The following summary dwells on a number of general questions related to property acquisition in Costa Rica. While this is a summarized overview, we also offer more detailed reviews of main subjects concerning the acquisition of real estate in Costa Rica in dedicated articles.
Buying property in Costa Rica inevitably involves costs other than the price tag attached to the house. Lawyers, government, appraising agents, like it or not, are a necessary part of any property acquisition. In this overview, we tried to provide you with a brief outline of potential costs a buyer faces when closing a deal. Bear in mind that some of the values may be subject to change, if the Costa Rican Ministry of Finance decides so.
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In Costa Rica, foreigners have the same rights when buying real estate as locals do. The main difference between local and foreign buyers is the degree of awareness about Costa Rican laws, regulations, restrictions and real estate market in general. Costa Ricans, or Ticos as they refer to themselves, know the value of a decent lawyer and the advantages of dealing through a realtor. Foreigners tend to try grounds. Is it wise in a foreign country? Read this article if you want to define if it is advisable to deal with a real estate agency, or a lawyer when buying property in Costa Rica.
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Costa Rica is highly protective of its natural resources and public areas. There is a set of rules and regulations that apply to beachfront property acquisition. Depending on the type of property itself, the type of ownership and the details of the contract, the list of documents may be different. There are, however, prerequisites for ownership transfer of any type. Read our detailed overview of contract types, basic document requirements and property ownership types common in Costa Rica.
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