153 Homes for Sale in Croatia

(€) 792360,  Poreč,  Istria
(€) 550000,  Karlobag,  Lika-Senj
(€) 200000,  Karlobag,  Lika-Senj
The overview of all relative segments related to the real estate matters in Croatia, subjects involved and general guidelines. Find out if you eligible to buy a property in Croatia and what are the necessary steps in order for you to become an owner of one. Is it possible to get the mortgage on your new property?
Houses in Croatia
Can't see the Wood for the Trees? On the special HouseCroatia page on Facebook and Twitter you will find a selection of the properties in Croatia published on my website Affidata.co.uk. Also images of Croatia and interesting news.
This is the overview of all related expenses once you decide to buy the property in Croatia. The precise information of the costs related to the buying process and those related to the selling process. Fees, taxes and every single additional expense you’ll have either you are buying or selling the real estate in Croatia.
11-Steps Buying Guide which leads you from the very beginning of the real estate’s buying process to the final ownership transfer of the purchased property. This unique guide also covers the case where you are going to buy a property in Croatia by using a mortgage and bank loan. By learning the steps, you will make sure that no waste of time or money will occur during the entire process.
Aerial view of Croatia coast line Rab island
Do you want to do business in Croatia? Read the tips in this post. For Example: On appointments, you need to appear on time. It is advisable to confirm an appointment made by phone by e-mail. A local contact is also useful when it comes to getting the right people on the table. Giving small business gifts is a regular occurrence and is a confirmation of the personal relationship.


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