Herenhuis - Willemstad  € 2150000


Built around 1898, this monumental detached building, consisting of a main building and two wings on either side of a patio at the rear, is located in the very attractive district of Scharloo, Curacao. Scharloo is part of Willemstad which is on the Unesco heritage list and consists of four historic districts: Punda, Otrobanda, Pietermaai and Scharloo. In Scharloo there are many beautifully restored monumental buildings in which banks, law firms and other institutions are located. In the past, a significant part of the inhabitants of this beautiful part of the city belonged to a group of wealthy Jewish families. After these families moved to other neighborhoods on Curacao in the 1970s and 1980s, Scharloo fell into disrepair. In recent years, however, there has been an enormous revival, following the example of the bustling Pietermaai district. Some of the beautiful monumental buildings are housing more and more boutique hotels, cafes, restaurants, museums and other entertainment venues. The arrival of the very luxurious apartments, "The Wharf", developed next to the famous Handelskade, stimulates the further opening up of Scharloo as a beautiful residential area in the city for people who demand a lot from their personal environment. In addition to The Wharf, Scharloo also has 2 renovated hotels, The Ritz, which was recently taken over by the Corendon Group and the Art Hotel, making the city district a number of tourist attractions. In addition, there are plans to create a better connection with the various city districts such as Pietermaai. Scharlooweg 17 Curacao, is a very interesting investment object because of the location, the exploitation possibilities of the outbuildings and of the main building, which is centrally positioned on the site. Upon entering the plot there is ample on-site parking and the option to create attractive landscaping around the entire property. A stately wide path leads to the spacious terrace at the front of the main building, which could be converted into a boutique hotel, for example. There is ample space at the rear to create a swimming pool and terraces. In case the property is not going to be used as office space and storage areas, it will require some adjustments to the inside of the main building and the outbuildings. The monumental building is located on a flat plot in the center of Curaçao in the monumental Scharloo district. The property is located right next to the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten and The US Consulaat. The building is on the list of protected inner-city monuments of Curaçao. Read our blog about the benefits of purchasing a monument. Details Scharlooweg 17, for architecture enthusiasts; The main building of Scharlooweg 17, which currently houses a distribution company, consists of two floors. The ridges of the main building run parallel to the Scharlooweg, the ridges of the wings are perpendicular to this historic main road. The main building consists of a hall with a front and back gallery. These three parts are each individually provided with a hipped roof covered with red cross tiles. The facades of the building are plastered and painted. All doors are wooden shutter panel doors and all windows have wooden shutter windows. The front (south facade) of the building consists of a cornice with a profiled gutter strip that continues in a simpler form along all the facades. In the front facade there are three axes, which are formed on both the first floor and on the ground floor by a central doorway, and a standing window on either side of the doors. All openings have a profiled water frame on small false consoles. Below the windows is a profiled frame. On the first floor there is a balcony on masonry consoles with continuous vertical bands on either side of the door. In front of the main building there is a terrace over the entire facade width, with stairs to the front garden, which is currently mainly used as a parking area. The staircase and terrace are paved with white and gray marble tiles. The eastern and western side walls are formed by the side walls of the main building and the side walls of the wings, which project about 3.5 m from the main building. In the main building, in the east and west facades on the first floor, there are four upright windows. On the ground floor three standing windows and a door to a small terrace with stairs to the garden; the terrace on the east side is paved with decorated tiles from the 1930s. In the west facade is another standing window to the north of the door. All openings are provided with a profiled water strip. In the south facade of the wings a standing window; in the side walls of both wings six standing windows. All windows have a profiled water frame. The rear (north wall) of the main building has three upright windows with profiled water list on the first floor. Each wing has a door and a standing window, both with a water frame. The patio wall has a basket-arch-shaped opening, partially closed by two pillars with diagonal wooden trellis. Against the northeast corner of the facade there is an aqueduct to the cistern. The patio walls are covered with 1930s German tiles, as is the floor. In the south facade of the patio is a door to the rear porch; in the west facade three doors and three windows, in the east facade four doors and two windows. The interior in the back gallery has a wooden staircase to the first floor, with balustrade with turned wooden bars. On the first floor there are interior doors with above them carved shutters with decorative motifs. The outbuildings in the backyard on the east side consist of a cistern, and in the northwest corner an outbuilding with the ridge perpendicular to the Scharlooweg. This building was partly a garage and has a wide entrance on the south side. It currently serves as office space. Furthermore, the rear consists of several sheds which are used as storage space for various articles. The main building has great architectural-historical and cultural-historical value due to, among other things, the characteristic cube shape and has specific value as part of a protected monumental cityscape. Got excited? Contact Jacqueline Remmelts for a viewing via +5999 5123803. 


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