70 Homes for Sale in Egypt

Alexandrië Egypte,  Egypt - all regions
(€) 170000,  Hurghgarda,  Egypt - all regions
(€) 43700,  Red Sea Hurghada,  Egypt - all regions
Old house in Egypt
Personal contact is indispensable for doing business in Egypt. Visit the country regularly. If you only do business by telephone, fax or e-mail, this irritates. Some visits are needed to build up the personal bond. Usually, you have too little time during your visit to Egypt; use flexible planning. Make an appointment for a next call before you leave.
Buying property in Egypt is a great investment, especially now when prices are low and the investment market is on the rise. The Egyptian government is working to transform the country’s economy by lowering taxes and increasing the number of developing projects. The buying process is straightforward once you have a capable lawyer, but takes many months to complete.
Having warm waters on two of its borders, warm weather year-round, and historical landmarks may be enough to bring visitors to Egypt. But buying property requires a lot more, and fortunately for Egypt, it has that too. Sale prices are low, taxes are few, and there is a guaranteed profit return on both the rental and resale market. So how can you go wrong with Egypt?
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Foreigners can buy property in Egypt. The first thing anyone wishing to purchase property in Egypt must do is find a good lawyer who specializes in Egyptian property laws. Then they must grant the lawyer power of attorney so the lawyer can act on the buyer’s behalf when legalizing and obtaining official documents from the Egyptian courts. There are payment options to consider, registration processes, and home insurance.
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Egypt does not have as many taxes as other countries. Buying and selling is not restricted with harsh tax laws and obligations. There is property tax, property sales tax, and tax on rentals. Yet they all follow simple procedures and they all must be filed between January 1st to March 31st.