15750 Homes for Sale in Europe

(€) 228000,  Nazaré,  Portugal
(€) 189000,  MONTSAUCHE LES SETTONS,  France
(€) 995000,  ALAIGNE,  France
Holiday home in France
Due to the extremely low-interest rates, many savers are looking for alternatives that will enable them to obtain a return on their capital. The holiday home seems to benefit from this. The Dutch brokerage association NVM sees the number of transactions thrive, by 20 percent in 2016. There are quite a few obstacles to an investment in a holiday home.
Beautiful autumn morning in Sweden
Nature means a lot to the Swedes. In Sweden you can freely access nature, even privately owned nature reserves. This is called everyman's right (allemansrätten). Everyman's right is an integral part of Swedish culture.