14028 Homes for Sale in Europe

(€) 60990,  Vinaros,  Spain
(€) 45000,  Vauvillers,  France
(€) 61748,  Tiszacsege,  Hungary
Collage foto’s Italie
If you, as a foreigner, are going to buy a house in Italy, then it is useful to have a compact dictionary with all kinds of common real estate terms. That is why I have compiled a glossary of more than 1,000 Italian words and their English translation. It also contains words that are used when renovating a house.
Heuvel landschap hongarije
I regularly receive questions from Western Europeans living permanently in Hungary about a registered letter which they find incomprehensible. After translation assistance from a good Hungarian neighbour, dictionary or Google, it appears that this letter is about registration with the service responsible for paying pensions in Hungary. This leads me, this time, to write something about pensions in Hungary and, in particular, about the extent to which foreigners are entitled to them.