Farmers' markets in Greece

Wikivoyage,  Thursday, 26 October 2017

Harvest of red grapes 

In the towns and villages of Greece there are farmers' markets, or more properly ‘Peoples Markets (Laikí Agorá) at least once a week. The region's products and the things of daily life are offered here. Of course, this is also known from other countries. But here it has a very special flair, which you shouldn't miss. In the big markets, stand owners are loudly competing for their products, while the small markets in the countryside are comparatively quiet. The salespeople rarely approach the visitors.

Besides the agricultural produce from the area, you can also get fresh fish. Here you can stock up on fish that you have never seen before. Seafood is also offered. Here you can also buy a whole squid and prepare it later. This is definitely an exciting story. Here the fish are lying on ice on a market stall.

But you can also discover many other things on the markets. For example, olives. Stands offer the whole range of pickled olives that are available in Greece. The sellers aren't angry when you try it. On the contrary, they wanted it that way.

Also very beautiful are the stalls that offer nuts. Everything Greece has to offer in nibbles can be bought here. Far away from the chip bags you know from the supermarket. Here, too, it is allowed and desired to try them out.

Of course, there is also a part that offers clothing, shoes, fabrics and jewellery. Here you can get the well-known plagiarism, but also products from Greece.

This article of is based on . Translated from the German language by Jos Deuling.

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