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(€) 105000,  Vezet,  Franche-Comté
(€) 96000,  Burgundy
(€) 98200,  Limousin
High speed train
For the French, traveling mainly means visiting families. Although French people do not like to live in areas other than their native soil, there are of course many French families who live hundreds of kilometers from each other. With weddings and holidays, it is time to find each other.
French baquettes
Death in France is part of life. In the villages the body of the deceased is laid out in the house, and in front of the door is a table with the register of condolence. The funeral is heralded with a mass, after which the procession goes through the village to the cemetery.
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In this article, you will find some tips and tricks about winterizing your French holiday home. These tips can save you a lot of trouble and money.
Port of Collioure
A selection of interesting blogs about living in France, French food, politics and the French language. I check this page regularly for broken links and blogs that are not maintained.
Dorp op het Franse platteland
We think that finding a house in France can be done better. That’s why moimmo does not work with compelling contracts, exclusivity or bons de visites. Because your interests are paramount. Not ours. Together with you, we determine how your home should look and where it should stand. The information you receive from us is recent and comprehensive. And if we found something together, we can help you with the purchase. Always at low cost or even for free.


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