3 Homes for Sale in Germany

(€) 70,000,  Weissenhasel,  Hessen
If you look at the quality of the housing stock in Germany there is a clear East-West divide. This emerges from a study of the German building society Schwäbisch Hall. The market research firm Empirica has evaluated approximately 743,000 homes in Germany. The data are displayed by region on a map of Germany.
Aerial View over Dinkelsbuehl
The German mortgage market is facing a complex period, with increasing competition and a smaller population eligible for a mortgage. The country is ageing rapidly. Of the more than 82 million inhabitants, 50 million are now in the age category 20-64. But in 13 years' time, in 2030, there will be only 34 million Germans left who are young enough to pay a mortgage.


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