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(€) 300000,  Spili,Rethymno,Crete,Greece,  Crete
(€) 82000,  Leonidio,  Peloponnese
(€) 65000,  Center of Athens,  Attica
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At the first business meeting, people shake hands with each other. In a more personal relationship, 2 kisses on the cheek follow after shaking hands. To embrace is customary in a longer personal relationship, where mutual respect has grown.
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The typical Greek cuisine prefers main dishes that are prepared in the oven and either kept warm or eaten lukewarm anyway. Bread, mostly Greek white bread, is eaten with all dishes. In general, you cook with a lot of olive oil. With the general increase in living standards in the last decades of the 20th century, meat consumption has risen sharply.
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In the towns and villages of Greece there are farmers' markets, or more properly ‘Peoples Markets (Laikí Agorá) at least once a week. The region's products and the things of daily life are offered here. Of course, this is also known from other countries. But here it has a very special flair, which you shouldn't miss.
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