How to choose the right estate agent in Greece

Sofia Pesiou,  Sunday, 10 November 2013


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When you want to find a property to buy in Greece and you have decided the town or island the most efficient way is to visit the place, wander through the neighborhoods looking for signs “for sale” and talk to the locals. This is the best yet the most time-consuming and tiring way if you want to find the right place for you.

On the other hand, there is always the Internet and the newspapers. Yet, the ads of property published in these means belong to real estate agencies. This is an easy and fast way to check on all available property for sale. The majority of Greek sellers trust them and it is on those agencies where you can find the best offers as long as you take into account that there is a commission almost 2% on the property’s price.

Xrysh Eykairia and Aggelioforos are the two national newspapers with a great number of advertisements however there are many local papers with many more for each region. As far as it regards the most popular sites on the Internet, these are , , , where a prospective buyer can be informed about the available offers, the trends in the market and the current prices. In general, the buyer should keep in mind that on those newspapers as well as on the websites the real estate agents advertise only a few of the properties hey have. A visit to the agency and a close examination of the properties available are highly recommended.

How to choose a real estate agent in Greece

  • Ask locals for recommending you one or ask anyone you know that has purchased property in that area. It should not be strange that in Greece still the most popular and efficient way to meet a trustworthy realtor is by word of mouth at local cafés also known as kafeneio.
  • Check the real estate websites. The agents publish the ads which they believe represent their agency better. In this way, you will know who realtors are best suited to your taste and budget.
  • Make sure they are certified members of the Hellenic Association of Realtors (SEK) . It is the only professional institution of real estate agents in Greece and it is recognized by the European Confederation of the real estates.
    Recently, there have been attempts to create local association in Attica or in Thessaloniki. Their pages on Facebook are in Greek yet all the realtors are bilingual and willing to give information to foreigners.
    Go ahead and check those who are licensed and also if there have been any reviews from previous clients or any complaints on the forum pages of the real estate websites mentioned above.
  • Never trust anyone who just claims to be a realtor and never give money without a receipt or before your transaction is complete.
  • Prefer an experienced real estate agent of the area you want to make the purchase or one company that has a branch there and is fully aware of the prices and the availability of properties as well as all the details in that property market at any time of the year.
The role of the real estate agent

The primary role of a real estate agent is to indicate and suggest the best available offers of property market to his client. In addition, the agent should understand the needs and desires of his client and try to find the best possible property in the market on his behalf as well as to prevent him from impulse decisions that will not prove beneficial in the long term.

Although in Greece there are no minimum requirements for the certified real estate agents, besides having graduated from secondary school, a good realtor is always up to date with the laws regarding transferring and taxation of a house as well as with all the necessary steps in the buying process.

Nowadays that the rapid development in the Greek economic life has changed radically, there is a need for counseling in every step of the buying process. Even after the buyer has found the property he wishes to buy, the realtor should be there for the negotiations with the seller and the drafting of the basic contract along with the notary.

Last but not least, a good real estate agent ought to help the buyer regulate all the practical issues that may come up in the future regarding his property and inform him about all the details and small print in a contract. A realtor should as well be of assistance to the buyer by recommending a lawyer with experience in the real estate cases.

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91212230 The buying process of a property in Greece includes the finalizing of one’s decision about the property he is going to buy, the negotiation with the seller for the price, the technical inspection by a civil engineer and the legal check for the authenticity of the documents included in the contract as well as the arrangements of all pending issues, usually with the assistance of a lawyer. 
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