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Jos Deuling,  Wednesday, 28 May 2014

in the french countryside 

Can't see the Wood for the Trees? On the special HouseFrance page on and you will find a weekly selection of the prettiest properties in France published on my website Also historical images of France and trailers of recent French movies.

Second home in France
All types of French property for sale by private sellers and estate agents. Find your perfect villa, gîte, B&B, apartment and fermette in all regions of France including Languedoc, Brittany, Provence.  
Brilliant book. Buy It.

Buying a house in France Until recently, Foreigners almost always bought an authentic old house somewhere in the French countryside, even if it had defects and required more maintenance than a new home. In recent years, this trend is changing. It is increasingly common for foreigners to buy a new home in a development. What are the advantages of old versus new homes? 
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