436 Homes for Sale in Hungary

(€) 31341,  Marcali,  Somogy
(€) 282640,  Keszthely,  Zala
(€) 22793,  Csurgó,  Somogy
Traffic lights in Budapest
Hungarians are formal, the hierarchy is important. They have an indirect but expressive way of communicating. Make sure you always have business cards with you. In a group, it is customary to hand out a business card to all those present
Online banking
We regularly get questions about changing money, withdrawing money and opening a bank account in Hungary. Therefore, this time, we focus on those themes, with tips for both tourists and permanent residents.
Street with cars
Everything you need to know about driving in Hungary: Importing a car in Hungary, Road Tax, Driving License EU citizens, Driving license non-EU residents, MOT (general periodical inspection), required documents, Toll in Hungary, Parking permits, and some helpful links.
Centre of Budapest with a traffic light
Some tips for buying an apartment in Budapest. Beware of bargains! If a property is cheap, then it is often with good reason.
Building a house in Hungary
Last year some changes were made to building and demolition permits in Hungary. In principle, instead of a permit requirement, there is now a reporting obligation. And from paper files, one has switched to digital (electronic) records and diaries. In theory, much should be much simpler and more flexible, but in practice, this is not always the case.


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