–  Very interesting blog on Hungarian culture, politics and economics by Eva Balogh
 –  If you want to travel by bus in Hungary, this is a very useful website. Information on routes, prices, discounts, and for example, how much luggage you can carry.
 –  Information about the Hungarian tax and customs system: VAT tax, income tax, etc.
 –  Information about train travel in Hungary. You can buy a train ticket online at this site.
 –  Useful companion with the most extensive information possible for getting around in the city
 –  The Hungarian Central Bank website provides a handy overview of Hungarian banknotes and coins. Including an overview of banknotes that are no longer valid.
 –  Nice website for english speaking Expats in Hungary. E.g. an overview of things to do in Budapest.
 –  Forum for people who are living, working or moving to Hungary