Buying a house Hungary: Tips for an inspection trip

Robert Kemkers,  Wednesday, 6 July 2016


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Tips for planning an inspection trip in Hungary

The first advice is to spend at home sufficient time to plan your trip. If you are only a few days in Hungary to view many homes, there is little time to reflect, and after a few days, it may be that you find out that you want something completely different. This situation can always arise, but it is for an agent much easier to make a pre-selection if you have explained your main criteria. Our experience shows that the success rate is considerably greater when you visits a few well-selected properties and have enough time to inspect them unhurriedly. In stead of visiting in a short period many houses, possibly spread over several regions and offered by several agencies. There is often less attention to important details, and therefore the risk that one chooses a house that later turns out not to be what you were looking for.

What is your goal?

Buying a house only for holidays, for rental or to live there (semi-) permanent? If you consider to use it first as a holiday home and later live there to stay longer, or even to emigrate, it is wise to choose a house that is also suitable for the latter purpose. For example, one can think of the existence of (urban) facilities, but also the accessibility of the house, even in winter.

Renovation object or not?

In Hungary renovation objects and renovated houses, are still (very) cheap according to European standards. Labor costs are (very) low, but the prices of various building materials are to a large extent universal. Do you want a garden, or is this not so important? And how many bedrooms? What kind of landscape you like and which are important features that should be in the vicinity? Communicate this information to your agent so that he can create a search profile. In addition to properties you chose yourself, the agent may also suggest other suitable properties that meet your criteria. Don’t dismiss a home in advance, for example by only looking at the photos; a visit offers the best opportunity to experience everything oneself. During the inspection trip, you might reconsider some search criteria, including an adjustment of the price. The broker can then change the program. Partly for this reason, it is better to make an appointment with a few agents than visiting with only one or two houses with many different agents; the probability of a change in the program is then minimal.

Choosing an agent

In Hungary, an estate agent needs a license. Make sure your agent is licensed to avoid legal problems after the sale. It is also advisable to choose a particular region to see several houses. You shouldn't go driving crisscross through the country. You can also start with a familiarization trip and visit different areas, especially when considering emigrating. Preferably in various seasons. The agent can assist in planning an inspection tour, but there are also several travel agencies, and you can book a home with a Hungarian rental company. Searching the internet will give you practical tips. Overall, a good preparation is half the work for an informed choice!

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