6 Homes for Sale in Ireland

(€) 11000,  Co Roscommon,  Connacht
(€) 210000.00,  Co. Roscommon,  Connacht
(€) 600,000,  Louisbourgh, West Mayo,  Connacht
Coast in Ireland
The number of mortgages approved by mortgage lenders in Ireland in March this year is 62.1% higher than in March last year. New mortgages totaling € 664 million were granted. This is an increase of 77.5% compared to a year ago. The primary cause is a housing market that is rising sharply. Analysts are already warning against a new Irish housing bubble. House prices are rising this year, after two years of subdued growth, by more than 10%.
Irish landscape
Irish people shake their hands firmly at the first meeting and appreciate eye contact. You can read more about what they appreciate in this post.
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