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(€) 0000000,  MARINA DI RAGUSA,  Sicily
(€) 167.000,  San Vito dei Normanni,  Apulia
(€) 140.000,  Cernobbio,  Lombardy
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If you, as a foreigner, are going to buy a house in Italy, then it is useful to have a compact dictionary with all kinds of common real estate terms. That is why I have compiled a glossary of more than 1,000 Italian words and their English translation. It also contains words that are used when renovating a house.
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After years of contraction, Italian house prices are showing modest growth for the first time this year. Standard & Poor's predicts an average increase of 0.5 percent in a report published this month. This means that Italy has the worst-performing housing market in Europe.
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Please note that payment terms in Italy may be longer than usual. This is particularly the case with the government. Nevertheless, you can make suitable arrangements in advance. In general, Italians are not defaulters, but unfortunately, there are always exceptions to this rule.
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It is very easy to order a cup of coffee in one of the many bars in Italy. Follow these 14 simple rules for a real coffee tasting experience
The River Café Classic Italian Cookbook
Looking for Italy Cookbooks? On this page you will find an overview of the latest books on the cuisine of Italy. Sorted by publication date.