Penthouse (3)

An apartment on the sea ... to live between sky, sea and pine forest. Nature that come in through the wall window ... to live and breathe in all this deeply. A private area that descend gradually to the sea ... to dip and dive into in a climate of absolute privacy. Heaven of rare beauty ... to relax, stretched out in the sun. A special property for landscape scenery insertion... to reach ... More info

What do they ask for a beach house? Wide panoramic sea view and this building, facing Portofino, it can boast a really one; outdoor spaces where they can live and here we have two terraces and a small rock garden; private access to sea  you can dive to make a beautiful and relaxing swim from a bathhouse – with private cabin/dressing room- by pedestrian walkway; large car garage doo... More info

This property, situated among olive groves on Zoagli hills and plunged in a landscape of rare beauty and breadth, consists in a penthouse of a new villa with 3 apartments, built with great attention to details at all stages of realization.It has an independent entrance at the level of a quiet road and its own parking place (parking double) is nearby, to increase comfort. A sole and spec... More info
Ligurian Kitchen
Not the sappy novel you might expect!