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Jos Deuling,  Tuesday, 8 August 2017

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A selection of interesting blogs on Italian food

Last updated on August 8th, 2017.


: Today you can always find me in my kitchen where I cook almost exclusively Italian or in my garden where I grow mostly Italian fruits and vegetables. I particularly enjoy exploring the panoply of Italy’s regional handmade pastas as I produce content for AdriBarrCrocetti.com.


: After living in Naples for over 20 years, I feel like the Campania region is my home.

: We share our recipes with you, and if you are hungry for more, come visit us in Campania.


: I’m Christine Smallwood, a food and travel writer specialising in Italy. I’ve written three books, on the regions of Lombardy, Umbria and Puglia, have met some extraordinary, inspiring and fun people along the way, and made some very dear friends.

: I have catholic tastes and will foist my interests on you in ‘The Good, the Bad and the Italian': food, films, folklore, culinary history and design – and what makes Italians tick. I also have a penchant for writing about strange, vintage wares I find in my mother’s cupboards.

: Authentic Italian Recipes And More!

: Italy and cooking.

: I write about Italian culinary customs and way of life, review restaurants, provide useful tools for parents traveling with kids in Rome, and capture the Eternal City's essence in my amateur photography.

: Curious Appetite is a gourmet food blogger from Seattle however seriously captivated (and captured) by Italy for 10 years and counting. I love sharing my passion for Italian food, wine and culture with everyone I meet.

: Easy. Authentic. Italian. What you won’t find here are rants about my personal problems. Nor will you find advertisements, promotions, give-aways, contest entries or any other kind of competitive or commercial activity. This blog is a pure labor of love.

: Italian home cooking is my first passion in the kitchen. Food is at the center of Italian family life and I have probably spent the equivalent of half my hours on this earth in kitchens and around dinner tables, cooking, eating, talking, arguing, and socializing. If I’m exaggerating, it is not by much. The food I cook is the food I love to eat and feed others: simple, honest dishes that reflect my heritage and the seasons.

: My Stomach and the World. Food, Recipes, Travel and Photography by Sara Rosso.


: blog about local seasonal Italian recipes, organic gardening, food festivals & markets, day trips in Le Marche, Tuscany, Umbria & beyond!


: The mission of this blog is to highlight great food and beverage, praise the people dedicated to feeding us well, and to get readers talking about what they are eating and drinking. I focus special attention on Rome, where I live, the decline of Italian food culture, and critical reviews of restaurants and trends.

: stories, pictures and cooking tales from an english woman living in rome.


: recommended as one of Tuscany's "Top Foodie Websites" in Lonely Planet's Tuscany & Umbria guide.

: I have a weekly food column over at Food52 blog on regional Italian food and an Italian/English food column, I Classici a Pranzo, for Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera. Traditional and historical recipes are my thing on my blog too, and I will usually mention a particular lambchop sideburned man called Pellegrino Artusi and his cookbook from 1891. You’ll get to know him well here as I talk about his recipes a lot.

: Marvels & Mishaps in a Tuscan Country Kitchen.


: This is my blog about Italian family food. I live in Umbria, Central Italy, high up on the hills near Assisi, a beautiful medieval town. My husband Ruurd and I run a B&B with cooking school, Alla Madonna del Piatto. We also produce olive oil.


: My family is from Veneto and Istria in Northern Italy. I live in Melbourne, Australia. This Italian food blog is part of the journey I am taking to embrace the growing, making and sharing of food through the culture that my parents gave me.

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