145 Homes for Sale in Lisbon and the Tagus Valley

(€) 455000,  Campo de Ourique,  Lisbon and the Tagus Valley
(€) 410000,  Quinta da Bicuda,  Lisbon and the Tagus Valley
(€) 7500000,  Paço do Lumiar,  Lisbon and the Tagus Valley
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Whether you are considered a resident or non-resident in Portugal, all your Portuguese property-related taxes are declarable and payable in that country. Double-taxation treaties that the Portuguese government has established with a long list of other countries should help to ensure that you avoid being taxed twice on the same income or interests.
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Personal relationships in Portugal are almost as important as the product or service you want to sell. Business is done on the basis of trust. Take the time to get to know each other. Do not come straight to the point. A Portuguese person prefers to do business with someone he knows and trusts.
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Divine Home is a Portuguese licensed real estate agency with a wide variety of properties for sale in the Algarve in Portugal. Whether you are looking for new construction or a resale property, an apartment, villa, plot or any other investment; we can help you find and purchase your dream home in Portugal.
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Particularly when foreigners are involved, a large number of property transactions in Portugal are completed through real estate agencies. Meeting an estate agent is one of the first and most important steps on your quest to purchasing a property. Depending on how much you leave up to an agent, your property investment may be heavily influenced by their role in the process
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