3 Homes for Sale in Malta

(€) 8000000,  Gzira/Sliema,  Malta
If you want to find out about the taxes you can expect to pay when buying a home in Malta, read this article. It talks about the stamp duty, and the fact its split into two parts. It also reveals where you might be able to reduce the amount of tax you pay and how you should go about finding out more about what you have to pay.
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Anyone who buys a house in Malta worth at least € 350,000 will receive a passport as a gift. The Maltese Government wants to attract wealthy foreigners and therefore offers citizenship when purchasing a luxury property. At the end of last year, more than 800 people had benefited from the scheme.
This article reveals everything you need to know about the various documents you’ll need to buy a house and gain financing for a house in Malta. It talks about the role of the passport and the permit you need to own property. There’s an additional section on whether you should employ a lawyer whilst signing the contract.
This article explores the complex buying process for non-nationals in Malta. It answers whether foreigners can own property in the country. It covers the whole buying process and the restrictions on foreigners owning property in Malta. Readers will discover what they need to pay for and how long the purchasing process will take.
Buying a property in Malta has a number of different fees and taxes applied. There are different fees depending on whether you’re selling or buying a property. This article talks about capital gains taxes, stamp duty, real estate fees, and whether you need to employ an architect. It’s your complete guide to what you can expect to pay on the island.