Pros and cons of buying a house in Italy

Jos Deuling,  Sunday, 2 April 2017

Tiles home 

Disadvantages of a home in Italy

  • Water shortages in many regions (especially in summer)
  • The relatively high additional costs when buying a home. These amount to about 10-11%
  • High crime rate in some urban areas
  • Traffic congestion and pollution in most cities and towns
  • Threat of severe storms and earthquakes in some regions
  • Overcrowding in popular tourist areas
  • Bureaucracy
  • Unstable national government (more than 60 government since 1945)!
  • Relatively high cost of running a home compared to other countries
  • High taxes for residents and a rising cost of living

You should also consider the following pitfalls:

  • Unexpected renovation and restoration costs (if you haven't done your homework)
  • The risk of paying too much for a house and then not be able to sell it so you can’t earn back your investment
  • Not take into account your financial budget (e.g. by taking an excessive mortgage)
  • The maintenance of the house and garden is time consuming
  • The cost in time and money to travel to it. Flying from the UK to Italy is cheap. There are many budget airlines operating on this market.

Walking in 
Tuscany, Italy
Walking in Tuscany, Italy

Advantages of a home in Italy

  • In the summer, it is usually good weather with a bright summer sun.
  • Value for money. Especially when you are a buying house in the countryside with a large piece of land. In regions that are extremely popular, e.g. Tuscany, the same houses are often more expensive.
  • Homes in the countryside are usually large and solid
  • Wide variety of architectural styles
  • Fairly stable real estate market
  • Secure purchasing procedures
  • The integrity of real estate agents and notaries. In Italy, you need to have an official license to act as an agent.
  • Delicious food and excellent wines for a reasonable price
  • You can travel easily and inexpensive to Italy (at least for most Western Europeans)
  • Good rental potential (in many areas)
  • Excellent local services
  • The relaxed and slow pace of rural life
  • The warmth of the Italian people
  • The timeless beauty of Italy to your door

Morning mist in the Val d'Orcia near Siena in Tuscany
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