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Jos Deuling,  Sunday, 18 November 2018


I check this overview each month for broken links and not maintained blogs. I hope you will find this overview useful and up to date!

Last updated on November 18th, 2018.


: I've been experiencing the joys of Paris since the ripe old age of eleven.
: an ex-New Yorker’s insider’s guide to Paris. Fashion, Exhibitions, Cooking.
: talking about different well known or more secrete sites in Paris.
: I’m interested in what they don’t tell you in guidebooks. I like gritty.
: always on the lookout for interesting things to do in Paris and the surrounding region
: ideas and impressions from Paris.
: my musings, my ideas, Paris fashion, places I love, things I test, things I taste, travel tips, inspirations and more…
: I’m a Paris-loving graphic designer with a visual mind, love of travel and desire to explore the everyday world.
: a celebration of the parts of Paris that would be refused entry to the ville musée if they tried to get in today.
: Secrets of Paris is an insider’s guide for English- speaking Parisians and those who visit regularly
: For the last five years on this site, I’ve covered some not-so-cliché topics, uncovered new trends, shared my travels, and introduced you to an inspiring group of Francophiles.
: Don’t get us wrong—we love the Eiffel Tower as much as anyone. But there’s so much more to Paris than its iconic monuments and well-known sites.


: Helping Americans and other expats adjust to life in France.


: stories about the delicious regional food and wine from around France, recipes of my favorite sweet and savory dishes, photos of the stunning scenery.
: focus on fresh, colorful, and seasonal foods, making room for both wholesome, nourishing dishes and sweet treats. and sweet treats.
: I write about my life in the French capital, the good and not-so-great. If you’re looking for stories about shopping for shoes or handbags, strolling on the Left Bank, drinking a €7 café crème on the Champs Elysées, taking a boat down the Seine, or falling in love with a Frenchman and living happily ever after, there are lots of good books and blogs which cover those subjects much better than I do.
: I'm writing this blog to let my friends follow along on my journey to learn more about wine. I quit my job in March 2015 and decided to move to Bordeaux to start a Masters of Vineyard and Winery Management program in Fall 2015. Join me on my wine adventures!
: a very hungry website about food and wine in Paris. We also lead small-group food tours.
: Hungry for Paris. Guide to Great Eating in Paris.
: Béatrice Peltre Food Writer, stylist & photographer. Author of “La Tartine Gourmande: Recipes for an Inspired Life”.
: recipes, and memories, of the kind of French- American fusion on which I grew up, to reverse the idea that so many of us have that French food is hard and complicated.
: Wine discovery, wine tasting and vineyards in France.


: A fun way to improve your French! On tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays.
: Serving you a daily thrice- weekly slice of French life

Living in France

: A British writer's life in southwest France
: Helping Americans and other expats adjust to life in France.


: An avid traveler, with a soft spot for France and Europe where she flies every year, Véronique tells stories about la Belle France, and all things French; and when on the road, travel stories with a French twist.
: A blog about life in a rural French Village, education, cycling, gardening, cooking and reviewing books set in France.


: Brittany Walks has been based in Brittany, France since 2004. It offers guided visits to places of interest and walks to discover the landscape and history of the region.


: I’ve lived in the French countryside in southern Burgundy since 2003 with my husband Ron and our cat, Domino.
: Informative blog about living among the French in Burgundy
: Living, eating, and drinking in Burgundy


: I blog 3 times a week, including insights into living in France and the places I travel to, a weekly bloggers’ round-up and reflections on the French language in Friday’s French.


: A native of Olympia, Washington, I’ve been raising a dual national family and teaching English in France for 24 years.


: French Lessons will unpack the story of everyday, French life from a semi-foreign, semi-local point of view, hopefully educating and entertaining along the way.
: A South of France blog
: Everything I love about Provence, especially the Luberon
: As the only one in my circle of friends that reads the Nice- Matin every day, I always end up being the go-to gal for local info. Finally I decided to just put it in a blog.
: Provence Post, published since late 2008, is designed to celebrate all that is special about the South of France.
: Provence food, travel and lifestyle magazine
: CuriousProvence is about living and experiencing Provence as an anglo abroad.


: an American observer comments on French politics.

Book reviews

: Passionate about everything French: life in Poitou-Charentes, cycling in France, food in France, travel in France and book reviews on a French theme.


House in French village
All types of French property for sale by private sellers and estate agents. Find your perfect villa, gîte, B&B, apartment or fermette in all regions of France. 
Loved this book from start to finish

House for sale France Between 1993 and 2015 we bought several houses in France. We also assisted many Dutch compatriots who bought a home, by giving them legal guidance and by taking care of the inspection of the property. We have encountered many situations that are potential pitfalls. We have summarized them for readers with little time. 
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