Overview of well maintained blogs about Greece

Jos Deuling,  Wednesday, 20 March 2019


Overview of well maintained blogs about Greece

I try to check this overview each month for broken links and not maintained blogs. I hope you will find this overview useful and up to date!

Last updated on March 20th, 2019.

General Blogs about Greece

: Writer and reluctant olive farmer podcasting about living in Greece
: Greece through Greek eyes
: A blog about everyday life on a small, beautiful Greek island
: An interesting blog by Linda Fagioli-Katsiotas who lives in Long Island, NY
: "Greece Is" has more than 300.000 Facebook likes and is a platform for showcasing destinations, culture, history, experiences, authenticity & creativity in all its forms.
: A blog about life and times in Greece
: I am originally from Calverley, a village in Leeds, England and have been living here in beautiful Greece for over thirty five years.

Greek Food

: The Finest in Greek Food and Recipes.
: On this blog I will share with you my home, The Odyssey, my food and favorite recipes. I will also have guest bloggers who will be joining me on Poros and who will share our Greek adventures.
: A Greek girl cooking in her little expat kitchen in the Netherlands
: A buffet of Greek culinary history and food stories by experimental archaeologist- food historian Mariana Kavroulaki
: As a photographer, my blog is highly visual and focuses on food and travel with a big emphasis on my Greek heritage. (Hence the reference to “souvlaki" in the title of my blog).
: If you want to be inspired to lead a happier, healthier lifestyle and learn more about the Real Mediterranean Diet and are looking for tried and trusted information, you’re at the right place. Join me as I talk about the nutritional value of the Greek Diet, cooking, news, research, Greek products, and easy ways to incorporate Greek and Mediterranean ingredients and recipes to your diet.
: I am Eugenia, collector of family recipes. It’s all Greek, from healthy Mediterranean recipes to syrupy desserts.
: This blog began as a way of writing down all of the recipes, cooking techniques, shopping tips and tricks that my father carries around in his head as well as meals that I’ve enjoyed since childhood. In the process of what soon became a monumental task, this blog has turned into something very wonderful.

Classical Greece

: An insider's look into Greek history, archaeology and life by a Greek Archaeologist and Tourist Guide
: Through this blog we aim to bring you some of the most famous (and also most confounding) quotations from the ancient world. In addition, we also take pleasure in shining lights on some of the forgotten shelves and corners of classical heritage. You’ll find tidbits from the Archaic Age in Greece all the way through imperial Rome and up to the fall of Byzantium.
: Very interesting twitter account with beautifull images of Greece.


: The leading Greek news organization outside of Greece.


: Greece and Greek islands Travel Blog

Greek Language

: Learn Greek by just talking


: We are passionate about living well, embracing all that Athens has to offer and sharing it with you!


: Daily life on a greek island through the eyes of a local-alien, still 'foreign' even after 40 years residence. This 'foreigner' is a local-kiwi-alien so there is a new zealand flavour to my writing.


: I’m so lucky to spend nearly half of each year in Kritsa, a village in Crete, Greece; I’d love to share a taste of with you
: A blog by Steve Daniels who lives in Ferma, Crete


: Secret tips about Santorini and Greece. Live, Travel and Eat like a local.


: Living on a Greek island Symi Dream


: Life in the southern Peloponnese with two journalists and a crazy dog


: a blog about life on Skopelos
: For those who love Skopelos and the wildflowers of Greece
: I'm Sofia, 39 Steps' owner and host. This is an occasional blog to keep in touch with my regular guests, give a taste of Skopeliti life and share my experiences of foraging through the summer season
: Life on a green island in the aegean