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Jos Deuling,  Friday, 17 January 2020

Lisbon rooftops 

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: Olá! Welcome to Portugalist, your guidebook to Portugal. I grew up in Portugal and, although I’ve lived all over the world, Portugal has always managed to draw me back. I created Portugalist so that others could get helpful and accurate information about Portugal, and so that I could share my love for this great country with others.

: I am in my early sixties and having been made redundant after a career in education, find myself retired and living with my husband in the Algarve.We bought a just built house here with an undeveloped garden and this blog is the story of our transition to a different way of life and the development of a garden from scratch.

: I’m a Canadian who traded corporate Toronto for a slower life in Northern Portugal in late 2013. I started this blog in 2002 and it’s since grown to more than 6,000 posts, covering a lifetime of topics.

: Renovating a house in Portugal

: In 2014 we followed our dream and bought a house in the sun. This blog follows our journey through decision making process, buying, running a holiday let and preparing to retire and live permanently in our dream home. Join us as we experience the highs and the lows. We hope it will inspire others take the plunge...

: Comprehensive site of information for Expats in Central Portugal

: Farmlive in the Algarve

: On this site we convey our love for Portugal in words and pictures, describing places we have visited, food and drink we have enjoyed, and sharing other items of interest.

: Welcome to our blog about places to see, food to eat, wine to drink, poetry to read, and whatever else comes to mind. This blog is produced by a small group of friends.

: A-Z of Portugal, Beaches, Markets, Moving to Portugal, Portuguese Recipes

: One family's attempts to live in a more planet-friendly way

: By finding people their ideal rural home, we enable humans to reconnect, and live closer with nature. We work every day to enhance knowledge about sustainable living and coming back to the land, harnessing inspiration from local traditions and teachings about nature’s ways.

: My husband and I first discovered the wonderful Portuguese approach to food and life in 2004 on Madeira. After many Madeirian holidays, we decided in 2013 it was about time we discovered mainland Portugal.

: Much as I enjoy Portuguese cities, I get a real kick from searching out the hidden treasures and try to avoid touristy places and experiences. I much prefer the traditional hillside villages of ancient stone cottages, medieval towns with fascinating histories and crumbling castles, walking trails through unspoilt countryside and wild swimming at river beaches.

: On my blog I show you that Portugal is more than just its capital city, while sharing some personal views and experiences, things that you won’t find in any tourist guide.

: a blog about buying a ruin, building a house and eating a lot of pastries

: building, living and even staying sane in a foreign land

:Portugal is home to the beloved bacalhau, or saltcod. Allegedly, there are 365 different recipes for the dish: one for each day of the year. This American girl is fixin' to find out!

: Our relocation from Lincolnshire to the Algarve – and back again!

: My day to day life in uncovering Portugal’s rich traditions and beauty

: In search of an unhurried life

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