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Jos Deuling,  Saturday, 2 September 2017

A village in Alsace, France 

There is a lot of information on the internet about house prices in France. On the page below I have listed the most relevant websites. The French Central Bureau of Statistics and the French association of notaries publish useful overviews. I regularly check the links to show the most current data on this page. If you know an interesting website with additionla, please send a mail to . Thanks in advance for the effort.

: is the official website of the French association of notaries. On this site, you will find detailed information about the French housing market. Every quarter, they publish a nice report with interesting information. I recommend this website.

: Overview of articles on the housing market in France.

: The French Central Bureau of Statistics regularly publishes reports on the status of the French housing market. I searched the site for "house prices" and the result is an excellent overview of the most relevant articles. This website also contains a lot of other information. For example, about the number of newly built houses.

: Extensive overview page with various graphs and databases with information about the French housing market

: This website contains information about the housing market in France. They sometimes lag a bit behind, but if you want to get a quick overview, this is the website to visit.

: At Numbeo. com you can zoom in the house prices per region and city. Numbeo is an excellent initiative to gather information about the cost of living by country and region via crowdsourcing. Numbeo is described on Wikipedia as "a collaborative online database which enables users to share and compare information about the cost of living between countries and cities". You can find a lot more information on this site about the cost of living in France.

: An article on about sharply rising house prices in Paris in 2017. Paris seems unaffordable to me.

French village in the countryside
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