Resource links on importing and driving a car in France

Jos Deuling,  Sunday, 6 August 2017


If you move to France and want to take your car with you then have to pay attention to a lot of things. On the Internet, you will find much information about importing and registering a car in France. You have to filter the information you need. Some websites have outdated information or tell you only part of the story. I’ve spent a couple of days finding the most informative links on importing and driving a car in France. I have grouped the links by topic.

Last updated on August 6, 2017.

1. Exporting a car

Each country has its own rules and regulations on how to export a car. Use a search engine and search for “export car from [countryname]”.

2. Registering a car in France

2.1. Understanding the process
This article is an extract from the book ‘Living and working in France’: .

Two nice articles by Rebecca Larkin:

A .pdf file with all the process steps:

2.2. Certificate of Conformity
A certificate of conformity states that the car complies with technical standards in France.
Section 4 ‘Certificate of Conformity. (certificat/attestation de conformité)’ in

STEP 1 - obtain a ‘Certificate de Conformity’ from your vehicle manufacturer or importer’ in

You can probably also obtain a certificate from the DREAL. The DREAL is responsible for testing imported cars before they can be registered in France: . This page contains a link to a website with all the regional DREAL office.

A list with contact details of car manufacturers:

2.3. Technical Inspection

2.4. Customs / VAT
Rules for imports from an EU country :

Rules for imports from a non-EU country :

Section ‘Importing a Vehicle to France’ in .

STEP 5 - Obtain a tax declaration for the Vehicle. (Certificat d’Acquisition)’ in

2.5. Registration Certificate / carte grise
STEP 6 - Apply for a Carte Gris’ in

Read also section 6 ‘Your original car registration document’ in

Extension of a Carte Grise:

3. Driving license

3.1. Validity
‘Getting a French Driver’s License’ in

How long is your driving license valid. A survey by country:

3.2. Extension
Extending a license in France:

4. Car insurance

This article is an extract from the book ‘Living and working in France’:

5. Vehicle tax

Good overview of the different types of vehicle taxes in France. The only interesting link about this subject that I could find :

Info on the eco tax:

6. Vehicle Inspection

6.1. When

Detailed french Wikipedia page with all the details of the vehicle inspection :

6.2. Where
You can search using a map.

7. Driving in France

7.1. Driving tips and information
Excellent page on this subject:

7.2. Checklist


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