47 Homes for Sale in Romania

(€) 140000,  Ștefești,  Wallachia
(€) 42500,  Vata de sus,Hunedoara,  Transylvania
(€) 50.000,  Reci,  Transylvania
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One cannot imagine today’s real estate market without the help, both for the buyer and for the seller, of real estate agents. Of course, there are still plenty of people in Romania who prefer to make this type of transaction independently, without the help of a real estate agent, because of the commission. Truth be told, there are plenty of real estate agents/brokers on the market and there is room for negotiation, so collaborating with them may mean closing a very good deal.
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The Romanian banking system has been put to test by the global financial crisis, going from excess of liquidity to deficit. This need to improve the country’s loan portfolio has determined funding institutions to loosen the funding requirements for both Romanian and foreign investors. This article analyzes one of the solutions to this problem generated by the increasing interest in the real estate market since Romania’s accession to the European Union, namely mortgage loans.
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No other country in the European Union has so many homeowners as Romania. As many as 96.1% of all houses are owner-occupied - compared with 66.9% across the EU, according to Eurostat figures. The reason: low property prices, advantageous mortgages and a lot of stimulation from the government.
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This article serves as an introduction for foreign citizens and/or legal entities to the legal context in which they can acquire and will be able to acquire real estate within the Romanian territory. Tackling both the buying process in itself and their funding options, it serves as a good starting point in their endeavor to buy property or land in this country.
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The typical Western mentality of' time is money' does not apply in Romania. As a result, the way of doing business in Romania is sometimes more informal than in Western Europe. Building personal relationships and trust is of great importance. On the other hand, hierarchy and signature stamps are essential, which can make business more formal.
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