Selling a house in Spain : Seller costs can be as high as 20% of the selling price

Jos Deuling,  Saturday, 18 May 2013

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This article is part of a series of seven articles about selling a property in Spain. The other articles in the series cover the following topics:

Seller costs

At the height of the Spanish property bubble, some seller costs were paid by the buyer. The Plusvalia tax for example. Now the Spanish housing market has turned into a buyer’s market this is no longer the case.

Capital Gains Tax

If you sell your house at a profit you have to pay a capital gains tax in Spain.

Capital Gains Tax resident.

21% on the portion between € 0 and € 6,000
25% on the portion between € 6,000 and € 24,000
27% on the portion above € 24,000

Capital Gains Tax non-resident

A non-residents pays 21% tax on the sales profit.

Plusvalia tax

The Plusvalia, literally 'more value', is a municipal tax levied on the sale of a home. It is calculated on the basis of the cadastral value (Valor Catastral) of the property and also based on the number of years the property has been in your possession.

For additional information about the taxes see

Agency fees

The Spanish Association of Realtors recommendeds a rate of 3%. In practice, however, the costs range from 3% to 10% of the sale price. Perhaps is the 10% a percentage of the past when the Spanish housing market was still booming.

For additional information on the selling estate agent see

Lawyer fees

The cost of a lawyer are between 1% and 1.5% of the selling price. You can also agree a fixed price with the lawyer. A fixed fee is about 2500 euros.

For the drafting of the sales contract, you can’t do without a lawyer. See .

Pimp your property

It is wise to check your home prior to the sale on small defects : locksmithing, discolored wallpaper, that kind of things. Give the home a little refurbishment. You can make it as expensive as you want.

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