260 Homes for Sale in Sicily

(€) 13000,  CACCAMO,  Sicily
(€) 30000,  CACCAMO,  Sicily
(€) 40000,  CACCAMO,  Sicily
coast town in Sicily
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Sicilian landscape
As a foreigner, you need some time to get used to driving in Sicily. Traffic is hectic in large cities such as Palermo, Catania, and Messina. Stopping in front of a red traffic light is not always common. Changing lane is indicated by a horn and sometimes by contact with the mudguard. If you drive cautiously and try to anticipate the intentions of the other road users, the traffic passes smoothly, and the Sicilians also forgive the traveler with a strange license plate quite a lot.
Selling Seafood
If you are going to eat in a restaurant, you are expected to order at least one first course (antipasti) and one main course (secondo). A dessert (dolce or formaggio) is ubiquitous. You can close your dinner (cena) with a cup of coffee (caffè) and that may be a cappuccino if you find an espresso too strong.
Sicily: The Cookbook
Looking for Sicily Cookbooks? On this page you will find an overview of the latest books on the cuisine of Sicily. Sorted by publication date.


Caffè Ginevra - Sicilian coffee beans (1kg)