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(€) 320000,  Palma De Mallorca,  Mallorca
(€) 960000,  Algaida,  Mallorca
(€) 240000,  Algaida,  Mallorca
Cudillero in Spain
Anyone who wants to take out a mortgage in Spain walks in at the bank where he has been banking all his life. Mortgage advisors hardly exist, says Patrick Kruger of SpaanseHypotheek.nl. Spaniards do not compare.
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The Spanish business culture differs from that of the UK. Even within the country, there are local rules and practices.
How to calculate your Spanish taxes?
I've spent a couple of days finding the most informative links on the tax system in Spain. I have grouped the links by topic. The links were last checked on August 8th, 2017. I have included links with a brief explanation of a topic and links with detailed information.
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Many buyers of a house in Spain are making the same mistakes in the purchasing process.
House in Alicante
We live in the Netherlands and plan to buy an apartment in Spain, in the town of Roquetas on the Costa Almeria. We want to live there for 6 to 9 months a year in the future. Through an email, I made an offer for an apartment in Roquetas de Mar. The asking price for the apartment is 195,000€. Why do we first have to pay an amount to the Spanish agent before the seller takes our bid into consideration?


A concise yet nuanced account of the history of Spain.