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(€) 84,000,  Pruna,  Costa del Sol
(€) 135000,  Taberno,  Costa del Sol
(€) 250000,  Oria,  Costa del Sol
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A selection of interesting blogs about living in Spain, Spanish food, culture, travel in Spain and the Spanish language. I check this page regularly for broken links and blogs that are not maintained.
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The Spanish business culture differs from that of the UK. Even within the country, there are local rules and practices.
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What is the mortgage rate in Spain? Information about the composition of the rate, the percentage added by the banks (with peaks up to 4%), the additional costs that Spanish banks charge and Spanish interest rates.
Gebrekkige raamkozijnen zorgen voor vocht- en condenoverlast
We regularly receive the assignment to carry out technical research reports, which give the prospective buyer the certainty that there are no hidden defects hidden in his home. In many of these houses we encounter problems in the area of moisture and condensation nuisance, which are usually revealed rather quickly by a typical stale smell in the house, especially if this has been uninhabited for some time.
How to calculate your Spanish taxes?
I've spent a couple of days finding the most informative links on the tax system in Spain. I have grouped the links by topic. The links were last checked on August 8th, 2017. I have included links with a brief explanation of a topic and links with detailed information.


This is the true story of the Spanish culture. Easy to read.