2737 Homes for Sale in Spain

(€) 85000,  Palomares,  Costa del Sol
(€) 265000,  Torrevieja,  Costa Blanca
(€) 162000,  Patalavaca,  Canary Islands
Modern interior design house
Many buyers of a house in Spain are making the same mistakes in the purchasing process.
Spanish houses at harbour
You want to buy a property in Spain and you worry about whether the property is encumbered with a lien or an attachment. How do you check that?
Appartementcomplex Costa del Sol
You see a lovely house on one of the Spanish banks websites. What do you do next? In this article I outline how you can buy a property in Spain from the bank.
Cudillero in Spain
In mid-June a new law on loans for the purchase of property entered into force in Spain. What is changing? The new rules for obtaining a mortgage lead to a lot of questions and uncertainty among people who are planning to buy a house and want to go to the bank to take out a mortgage.
The village of Deia on Mallorca
Why you should always see the "Nota Simple" when purchasing your home in Spain - you will read why in this article.


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