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Scenery in Sweden
If you’re planning to buy a house in Sweden, then it is useful to have a compact dictionary with all kinds of everyday real estate terms. That is why I have compiled a glossary of more than 500 Swedish words and their English translation.
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Three interactive Google maps with the average house prices of second homes in Sweden. The prices are shown by NUTS region. The property prices of the last quarter are compared with prices in previous quarters. That way you get a nice overview of price trends by region in recent period. The data comes from Sveriges officiella statistik, the Swedish Central Bureau of Statistics.
Beautiful autumn morning in Sweden
Nature means a lot to the Swedes. In Sweden you can freely access nature, even privately owned nature reserves. This is called everyman's right (allemansrätten). Everyman's right is an integral part of Swedish culture.
Rural kitchen utensils
Swedish cuisine is known as simple with an important position for game, minced meat, sausage, fish, fruits and pastries. However, there are some important regional differences.
Svensk sommar
Even though British people and Swedes quickly speak' the same language' in cultural and social terms, there are differences that you should take into account.