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Uitzicht vanuit hotelkamer Griekenland 

As in other European countries, there are many different categories of accommodation, and the value for money is excellent. Away from the tourist centers, you can still find warm hospitality.

As far as the hotels are concerned, there are often still concrete buildings from the 1960s in the tourist areas. Since the 1980s, hotels have mostly been more imaginative and adapt to the environment. More expensive hotels have trained staff and much better service. The Xenía chain was founded in the 1950s; newer chains such as Chandrís and Divani, which are present in the Athens area, offer better equipment and service. There are numerous 5- star hotels with luxurious amenities available from 90 € per night. Various 3 and 4-star hotels are available from 40 € per night.

In addition to guesthouses, guest rooms or domátia make up a large part of the overnight accommodations. The rooms are usually located in a separate, modern functional building. Compared to hotels of the same category, you get more for your money. Often the rooms have their bathroom and also a kitchen, which guests are allowed to use.

On the islands, there are studios, apartments, and villas for cost-conscious tourists, the small cooking corners or full kitchens and thus the possibility of self-catering. They also offer enough space for larger families.

On the Greek mainland, there are several hostels that have been recognized by the IYHF (International Youth Hostel Federation). Unofficial hostels are usually just as good. Often, however, youth hostels are so expensive that a guest room is cheaper for two people. Helpful are hotel guides and hotel rating pages on which you can find out from former guests how the hotel is. Also, the current photos on these pages are usually helpful, and there is also a price comparison where you can choose the cheapest room.

Categories: The classification of hotels and guest rooms is carried out by the EOT (Elliniko Organismo Tourismo). A few years ago, the categorization was adapted to the international guidelines and the rating of zero to five stars. This made the Greek hotels directly comparable internationally.

There are campsites in many parts of Greece. They are not found in tourist resorts but usually hidden on small beaches, for example. However, it is always worthwhile to look for campsites, as they offer a good standard of accommodation without much hustle and bustle. They also invite you to stay several days. In fact, many Greeks even have a permanent campsite here or spend their entire holiday here. You can also reach these campsites by motorhome. Camping on some of the islands is problematic, and there is no campground even on bigger and famous ones like Ródos or Sámos.

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