Five tips to add value to a house

Kop-Munt,  Thursday, 15 March 2018

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Investing in a house costs money, but can also yield a lot. The majority of consumers like to buy a house that is finished. The right conversion or renovation can bring a lot of benefits to homeowners. Read here five valuable tips for future or current homeowners. These tips increase the added value of a house.

1. Increase the number of square meters

An extension increases the number of square meters of the house. The more square meters, the more the house is worth. The type of expansion apparently influences the added value. Of course, a new cellar will produce less money than a new kitchen. When buying a new house, I advise buyers to expand," says Willem Jansen from the real estate agency Het Waare Huis in Rosmalen. I prefer to see the extension being realized at the same time as construction. This is reflected in the finishing and reduces the realization costs. An extension of an existing house requires extra work, but the homeowner also earns back his invested money.

2. Maintenance the house

Maintenance work, for example on the roof of the house or the window frames, quickly pays for itself. Minor defects in the house make potential buyers critical. Furthermore, these components are rarely taste-sensitive. A house with clean and new looking roof tiles looks pretty. Also a beautiful parquet floor and tight white walls are doing well. In a well-painted house in which everything has been repaired, more people are interested. And more interested parties automatically means that a higher price can be asked for the home. The elimination of overdue maintenance therefore automatically pays for itself.

3. Durability & insulation

Nowadays you can't tell at a party that your home has Energy label E," says Jansen. Older homes, in particular, have such a label. Poor insulation causes a lot of energy to be lost, which results in a high energy bill. Before the reduction in heating costs pays off, years go by," says Jaap van Veen. According to Van Veen, however, the price of a house does rise if you isolate the roof and walls and replace the old stuff, such as the central heating boiler, electrical installations, and glass with modern material. This also shows that the house is well taken care of," adds Jansen. Renovation of this kind is also not sensitive to taste, such as a new kitchen.

4. Make economical use of space

The fact that the surface area influences the price has already been mentioned. But converting the available surface area into living space also increases value. A garage, an attic without stairs and a room with a low ceiling are not considered to be living areas. You can add these rooms to the living area by renovating them. Of course, this will lead to an increase in value, depending on the situation.

Conversions that yield extra meters of living space, such as a dormer or staircase to the attic, are therefore a good investment. A tip from Jaap van Veen:"Those who sell their house should preferably arrange the space as economically as possible, that makes a lot of difference. Luxury sanitary facilities provide a little extra.

The increase in the value of additional space depends on the location of the house. In a large city, additional square meters are worth more than in a country house.

5. Go outside

Depending on where the consumer lives, a private outdoor space is ideal for many people. In a city, you often have to settle for a balcony alone. Only some have luck and are in possession of a garden. If there is an opportunity to buy a plot of land adjacent to the house, it is a good investment. A beautiful garden can make sure that any buyers soon fall in love with a home. This must meet some requirements. Future residents must see themselves in their garden. Housing vendors are doing well to ensure that the base is in order. One could think of privacy, placing neat fences to prevent viewing. And is there a lot of greenery? Make sure the garden is cut and mowed.

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