254 Homes for Sale in Turkey

(€) 99900,  Bogazkent,  Mediterranean
(€) 177000,  Fethiye,  Mediterranean
(€) 96000,  Alanya,  Mediterranean
Beach hotel on the Aegean coast in Turkey
Turkey offers a number of interesting options for those wishing to relocate their business or personal affairs to a safe, warm and friendly country. The Turkish government strives to add to Turkey’s natural and innate attractiveness by creating programs and incentives designed for high net worth individuals and businesses
Signing a contract
Building a personal relationship is very important in Turkey. It is recommended that sufficient time is devoted to this. In business relationships, too, people regularly inquire about each other's well-being. Please bring along a Turkish contact person or interpreter who is familiar with the West.
houses in Istanbul
Can't see the Wood for the Trees? On the special HouseTurkey page on Facebook and Twitter you will find a selection of the properties in Turkey published on my website Affidata.co.uk. Also images of Turkey and interesting news.
View on Alanya town
The experienced reader will agree with me. The Turkish legislator keeps on tinkering with the Tapu law. Article 35 of this law changed so many times that we, as a lawyer, must often keep the text of the law itself in hand to ensure the content.
Turkish door in old building
There are many things that has to be taken care of when your partner or a loved one suddenly dies. What happens with the shared property in a holiday land as Turkey. Or the bank account? In this time of sorrow and grief you need to search for balance in life again. Even if you have children or not, after many years you are back on your own.


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