Where to buy cheap property in France ?

Jos Deuling,  Friday, 4 October 2013

View from a hill on
French countryside
View from a hill on French countryside 

Looking for a cheap house for sale in France. What can you get in with a budget of 150,000 euros?

The French housing market is relatively stable under the international credit crunch. This is because most French don't have a high mortgage. In fact, many homeowners have no mortgage at all.

House prices have fallen in recent years with three to five percent, but there are no spectacular bargains to be found as in Spain or Portugal. In the south, prices rose slightly. is an attractive area for foreigners to buy a home.

The average house price in France is below that of the . With a budget of 150,000 euros, you have a wide choice. Real bargains can be found especially in the interior, from derelict farms to fully renovated cottages and farmhouses. The government is also investing heavily in new homes. The government wants to make France into a nation of homeowners.

In and , you get value for money. Renovation objects are already on sale for around 25,000 euros. The price of a renovated house is around 100,000 euros. What do you get for that amount? For 80,000 euros a 17-century stone house with two bedrooms and a loft that could be remodeled into a bedroom. It comes with a large piece of land by the sea. You still have to do some renovation work.

In central France, the is attractive for house hunting. It is a bit more expensive than Brittany or Normandy. Renovation objects are on sale for around 50,000 euros. A renovated farm will cost you 150,000 euros.

A little further south in , you can get a detached four- bedroom house well below 150,000 euros. For example, a traditional and character property in the Charente with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, located on the grounds of a 15th century castle with stunning views of the castle and a lake. The house has an attached barn plus additional property that needs to be renovated. For around 142,000 euros. Just an example of what you can get in this region.

In South West France, the houses on the coast are pricey. A budget of 150,000 euros is not enough. You can better focus on the north of the . If you spend some time and look carefully, you can find a renovated house with 2-3 bedrooms, garden and garage, ideal as second home.

For just over 100,000 euros, you can buy a beautifully renovated cottage in the . There are many renovation objects to be found in this region. Often with one or more . In the region, you can find a stone house with two bedrooms, with plenty of land on a quiet street, near a famous castle. For around 150,000 euros. You still have to do some renovation work.

In the , you can use your budget of 150,000 euros to buy a neat ski apartment. A one-bedroom apartment near a ski slope costs about 120,000 euros.

If you are house hunting in France, keep in mind that house prices in recent years have remained relatively stable. You can always try to offer 30% below the asking price but do not expect to get a bargain. The asking prices in France are quite reasonable.

The property market in France is in good health, it has been relatively unaffected by the credit crisis. There is a healthy balance between supply and demand. In the first quarter of 2011, the demand from Great Britain increased again. This will not lead to an increase in house prices in the short term. With a budget of 150,000 euros you can find a nice house in France.

Lavender field in Gard, France
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