Discover Hungary: A hidden gem in the middle of Europe

Imre Németh,  Thursday, 7 September 2023

Yellow tram of Budapest

When contemplating your next big move, consider Hungary. This often-overlooked nation boasts a plethora of offerings, ranging from captivating architecture and nature to scrumptious cuisine and wine.

Hungary is home to some of Europe's most impressive structures and landscapes. The grand Parliament building, the majestic Buda Castle, the pristine Hortobágy National Park, and the magnificent Lake Balaton are just a few attractions awaiting your exploration.

Another compelling reason to make Hungary your home is its safety. It ranks among the safest countries globally, increasingly vital for any expatriate. Roam its picturesque streets and landscapes without constant worry about your safety.

Furthermore, Hungary offers quality at affordable prices. The cost of living here significantly undercuts many Western European countries, meaning you can enjoy the comforts and quality you're accustomed to without breaking the bank.

Accessibility is another point in Hungary's favor. Nestled in the heart of Europe, reaching it is a breeze. Budapest's Ferenc Liszt International Airport is serviced by numerous major international airlines, streamlining your travels.

The millennia-old history of Hungary remains vividly present, with a plethora of attractions including Roman and Turkish ruins. History enthusiasts will be enthralled by the rich tapestry of historic sites and museums.

Budapest, Hungary's bustling capital, is renowned for its iconic spas and vibrant nightlife. Whether you wish to relax in thermal baths or delve into the nightlife, Budapest promises not to disappoint.

Wine aficionados are in for a treat in Hungary. The country offers an exceptional and affordable selection of wines, perfectly complementing local dishes. Four of Budapest's restaurants boast Michelin stars, and local organic farms provide fresh produce.

Festival enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that Hungary hosts festivals nearly every summer weekend. Major music festivals like SZIGET, Balaton Sound, and VOLT attract thousands annually.

Hungary is also renowned for its hospitality. Hungarians are exceedingly welcoming and proud of their nation and culture, always eager to introduce you to their traditions and way of life.

Another draw to Hungary is its striking architecture. It's home to Europe's largest synagogue, the largest medicinal bath, the third-largest church, and the world's second-largest baroque castle.

For those fond of special alcoholic beverages, Pálinka, a fruit brandy, is another reason to consider Hungary. Not to mention, Hungarian cuisine is famed for ingredients like cheese, tejföl (a Hungarian sour cream variant), and meats.

Boasting over 1,500 thermal springs, Hungary is a haven for those seeking wellness and relaxation. The country's rich bathing culture is another draw for countless tourists each year.

In comparison to other major cities, Budapest offers an excellent value for money. The city brims with affordable yet high-quality restaurants, bars, and shops.

With hot summers and minimal rain, Hungary is an ideal location for a summer retreat. Last but not least, the Sziget Festival, among the world's largest and finest festivals, lures approximately 500,000 attendees annually.

In essence, Hungary has something for everyone, be you a nature lover, history buff, gourmet, or music enthusiast. Plan your move to Hungary and discover firsthand the wonders this beautiful country holds.  

House on the edge of a Hungarian village
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