The role of a Real Estate Agent when purchasing property in Morocco

Nadia Sadak,  Thursday, 21 November 2013


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People from all over the world that wish to purchase or sell a house often do not know where to simply start. The whole process involves a lot of bureaucratic actions that go from finding a property to getting a mortgage and finally setting the final purchase deed. In fact most people are not mentally ready to do the whole thing on their own. These people who would like to find a property and also get more information on how they can purchase it should talk to the right professional, one that could help them during all of the steps of the whole process. This professional truly exists and its name is real estate agent.

Unfortunately many people simply do not know what the true role of a real estate agent is, however it is quite simple for us to understand. The real estate agent or simply a broker is the certificated professional that will give people the full support when one plans on purchasing a property. This professional will act as a true intermediary between sellers and buyers of real estate or simply the property. The real estate agent will also provide support for the buyers and will find sellers for them. The real estate agent will also connect people and help them see the properties and finally decide whether the property is the right one for the client or not. Each country has different functions (or even specific names) for their real estate agents. Whereas in the UK the real estate agent may work in behalf of the clients in some countries such as Brazil they are only allowed to show the properties and help people meet, not being able to work on the behalf of anyone. It is interesting to know that in Morocco they are truly more like a connection between seller and buyer. Some countries also need the real estate agent to have a proper licence that allows him to work on such professional. It is not mandatory all over the world, although some other countries also provide these professionals the chance to study and to specialize in the real estate business market in order to provide the public the best services possible and also earn their commission with dignity.

The checklist for choosing a good real estate agent!

What makes a real estate agent a good professional? This is a question that usually haunts the buyers and sellers. In fact it is a question that is not easy to answer. There are so many professionals of the field available on the market today that it is quite hard to decide whether someone will be better or worse. It is however, a must for one to check the background of the professional and also evaluate his actions from day one, this will help you see whether that professional is the right one for you or not. Here is a short list of tips that might help when looking for a real estate agent in Morocco and also anywhere else in the world!

· Make sure you choose a real estate agent that is trusted and that is also part of a larger entity. Morocco counts with several business that are specialized into bringing the market trustworthy real estate professionals.

· Make sure you have all the support needed when you hire a real estate agent. Let him do his job. Make sure you observe and know if the real estate agent is keeping up with your requirements. The more he seems to be concentrated in his job and consequently pleasing you the more he is a good professional.

· Talk with the most recent clients of this real estate agent. Every real estate agent that is a true professional will have his own portfolio that has the latest properties that he listed and sold. Make sure you take a look at it and contact the latest clients, that way you will be able to ask some questions and know whether the real estate agent in question will be a good fit for you.

· Make sure you take a look and find out for how long the real estate agent in question has been active in the market. You will be able to see the frequency that the real estate agent does business as well as if he had any sort of complaint in the last few months. If the real estate agent is brand new on the business it might not be a good idea to hire him or her because he will be testing his theories on you, which means that they do not have any previous background experience to make things easier for you.

· Look up at the current listing. You can do it online or even go places to have it done. You may also look for the real estate agents that have the properties that fir your needs the most. They will certainly be able to help you with exactly what you need and when you need.

· Ask about the other properties that are available in case the real estate agent in question does not have it available for you. If the real estate agent insists that he does not know make sure you look elsewhere, the professional probably is not a good option for you or for anyone else for that matter.

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