The climate in Morocco in Spring and Summer

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Moroccan mountains 

Morocco is a country that can be visited in every season, but for every season some regions are more pleasant than others. Coastal cities are ideal when it is warm in the interior. It is often interesting to visit an area in the low season: one sees a different way of life and other landscapes.

Depending on the wind, the Moroccan climate changes between warm and cold periods: when the wind comes from the ocean it is cool, a breeze from the desert provides warmth. Heat periods last 3-4 days but a cold period often takes longer. Also, it is scorching in the sun while the air usually stays cool.

Spring in Morocco

Spring is an ideal time to visit all regions of Morocco. The countryside is stunning, green and full of flowers.

It is a season in which the temperature differences between day and night are still considerable. You have to bring warm clothes for evening and night. It is useful to put several garments on top of each other so that you can quickly change: first a T-shirt, then a sweatshirt or jacket and possibly a fleece for the more chill places and the evening. We often think that in spring it is warmer in Morocco than it is.

In the north, it can still rain until April. In the , it rains more often, in the south of Morocco hardly at all. When it rains, the streets are muddy, and boots are handy. Occasionally it can rain quite a lot in Morocco: for example, in May 2016 in Mirleft (between Sidi Ifni and Tiznit) heavy showers for two days and in May 2016 in : heavy rainfall for seven days with as an bonus hailstones the size of ice cubes!

The coldest regions are located in the , where the nights can be quite cold. The climate is mild on the Atlantic coast, but the air is still too fresh to bathe in May. From and further south, swimming is possible but also dangerous in case of high water. Observe the warning flags!

Summer in Morocco

The summers in Morocco are longer than in Europe. It is warm, but sometimes less warm than you would think. The heat feels different and is more pleasant than in Europe. The evenings are often very mild because the sun sets earlier. It rarely rains in summer.

The houses are not air-conditioned and have no swimming pool.

Pleasant regions in the summer:

  • Rather the north than the south (about 5° difference).
  • Mediterranean coast: , , warm during the day but with mild evenings.
  • Atlantic coast from north to south: enjoyable weather (25° on average). In the evening it may be necessary to put on a jacket. The sun is bright, and the outside air is fresh. You have to be very careful because the fresh outdoor air gives you a tendency to warm up in the sun and burn your skin or to get a sunstroke. The first days of your holiday you should always wear a T-shirt. Children should wear a sun hat. Even under the parasol, you become brown, so be careful.....
  • , particularly pleasant in summer (25° on average). The forests and lakes are places where you can walk and swim. From or , you'll be in in an hour and a half if you want to escape the heat of the cities.

  • If you go south, stay close to the coast. In rural areas, it is cooler than in cities. Boumalne is pleasant because of the where you can swim. Near , the is very cool, ideal in summer. is also a possibility, even if it's still warm during the day.

    Less pleasant regions in the summer

    The south is particularly hot in July in , in the valleys of the and the . In , summer is the period for the sand baths: very hot and not recommended for children.

    In the inland cities, it gets boiling: can reach 45°, while in , on the coast and only 150 km from , it just reaches 25°. In July-August, is not recommended for families with young children because the heat is difficult to bear. is also very hot in some periods. If you go there, you can spend the day in nature with swimming pools, animation, cafes, restaurants, orchestras, and lawns. is a little less hot than ; the municipal swimming pool is pleasant there.

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