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Jos Deuling,  Thursday, 15 September 2016


Importing a car in Hungary

Several restrictions apply for importing a car in Hungary, regardless of whether the car will be imported from inside or outside the EU:
  1. You have to pay a tax to register the vehicle.
  2. If you enter a car from outside the EU, you may need to pay VAT and customs duties.
  3. You must hold an inspection certificate.
  4. The owner must have a registered Hungarian address and residence permit.
Road Tax

If you registered a car in Hungary, you have to pay an annual road tax. The amount depends on the power of the engine of your vehicle.

License EU residents

Residents of the EU which have a new EU driving license may drive with this license in Hungary.

License non-EU residents

If you come from outside the EU, your international license is valid for one year after arriving in Hungary. During that year you can drive in Hungary without any problems. After a year you have to exchange your license for a Hungarian license. If your old license has been issued in a country which has not signed the "Vienna Convention on Road Traffic”, then you need to undergo a medical and do a driving test.

Vehicle inspection (MOT)

Cars older than 3 years must be inspected once every two years.

Driving in Hungary

The following documents you should have with you:
  • license
  • vehicle registration
  • proof of insurance
  • accidents report
The following attributes you must have with you:
  • first aid kit
  • reflective jacket
  • warning Triangle
  • spare wheel
  • tool box
  • replacement lamps
  • wrench
  • jack
Tolls in Hungary

The toll system in Hungary has become much more complicated since January 2015. A vignette (also known as e-vignette or e-Matrica) must be purchased to be able to use the highways. An overview of the roads for which an e-vignette is required and a list of highways that remain free can be found here: .

The vignette is available at major stations on the access roads to the highway, and they can also be purchased online through the websites of most Hungarian banks.

If you drive without vignette on the highway you risk having to pay a fine. On are the details.

Parking permits

Parking permits are issued by each municipality and are applicable only in downtown areas where a charge is levied for parking during the day. You must register your car with the town. Not everyone is eligible for a license. Strict rules may apply when applying for a parking permit. In some districts, it is enough if you can prove that you are the owner of the vehicle and that you have a registered Hungarian address; in other areas the owner of the property and the owner of the vehicle have to apply for the license.

You need the following documents when applying for a parking permit:
  • A valid residence permit or Hungarian registration
  • A certificate of registration at the residential address
  • Registration certificate of the car
  • Purchase agreement of the property

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