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: Michelle Fabio, lawyer-turned-freelance writer and editor, lives in her ancestors' medieval hilltop village of Badolato in Calabria (the toe of Italy's boot) with her husband, daughter, dogs, goats, chickens, and whatever other creatures show up at her door.


: Italy Travel, Art, Culture & Living

: ArtTrav is a blog by Alexandra Korey about art, travel, and life in Italy and Europe. This website has been online since 2004, before blogs were invented and this was handcrafted in HTML.

: The most complete encyclopedia about the art and history of Rome.

: Letters from the exile reflects the mood of an epoch and it doesn’t refer to Byron only. Here you will find the lost world of Italy in England and England in Italy, represented by lost landscapes, wandering travellers, Ancien Régime dreamers, Romantic revolutionaries and Victorian thinkers.

: A blog for all those who work on Pompeii and the other archaeological sites of the Bay of Naples.

: An exploration of the prosopography and social networks of a Roman Town.

: A celebration of Italy and its language, people, food, art, music, history, traditions, and culture.


: How long have I been in Italy for? Well, let’s just say it’s been 365 days and counting...


: Jasmine is a (former) pharmacist turned freelance writer, foodie, and fashionista from Alberta, Canada living "the sweet life" in Bergamo, Italy.

: Where can you eat lemon pasta in Amalfi with the locals? Where can you drink your spritz on a boat in Venice with the students? Where is 'the most beautiful room in the world'? Read on for city secrets, hidden eateries and out-the-way medieval villages.

: Italy Chronicles, formerly Blog from Italy, has been chronicling life and goings on in Italy in English since 2005. Through the years, this site has evolved and is now, perhaps, more a magazine than a blog.

: Stories of life, food and travel by Sara White, a Canadian girl living in Rome, Italy.

: La dolce vita for me! And for you! Travel consultant, blogger, writer, tour leader & newly published author, I love sharing no-nonsense travel tips, advice and insights. Let's plan your next great trip, perhaps to Italy with me?!


: Italian with Melissa, la studentessa matta; exploring life & language with a crazy linguist.


: In 1999 Locanda della Valle Nuova, our organic Le Marche agriturismo, opened its doors to our first guests and the farm products, along with an array of foraged berries, flowers and herbs started being used to prepare delicious meals and all sort of preserves for the family and the agriturismo guests.


: Life, food and wine in Piedmont/Piemonte, the home of Barolo and Barbaresco

: I live in Piemonte Italy with my wife Mrs Sensible and my Italian – English dictionary. Mrs Sensible emigrated to the UK to escape Italy, she then married me and I forced her against her better judgement to return to live in Italy.

: Currently we are mid renovation on our house in the mountains of Northern Italy. The dream finally came true, I love my life here in Piedmont, and this house will be a home.

: Renovating, drinking wine and making mistakes in Piemonte, Italy.


: We quit our jobs, packed our stuff and left the U.S. to create a new life in southern Italy. With help from our family and friends, we're exporting our own organic extra-virgin olive oil along with other handmade, genuine products made in Puglia.


: This blog was started in 2008 to give a different view of Italy’s capital city. Often seen through rose colored senses by outsiders or with scorn by locals, my aim was to use photography to capture a different side to the city. From great monuments to every day object, nothing is too small or too great to be seen in a new light.

: Ciao, I’m Abbie! A social media-obsessed American living in the eternal city, teaching English and developing my skills as a pizza connoisseur. I blog about my travels through Italy, the best hidden spots in Rome, Italian culture from an American perspective, and all things truly Roman.

: HeartRome recounts the life and times of Italian-Australian, Maria Pasquale who walked away from her corporate career in Melbourne to chase La Dolce Vita in Rome, Italy. Not just an ode to Rome, the site features posts about food and wine, dining, luxury and international travel, lifestyle and the arts.

: Ciao! I’m Natalie. I’m orginally from California, but I have been living in Rome full time since 2010. I moved to the Eternal City for graduate school, and thought I might stick around for a little while longer. Now I am a freelance writer based in Rome, writing about a city I love (as well as about Italy and beyond.

: Ten years ago, I packed up my life in the states, and moved to Rome, for no other reason than that it felt like where I was supposed to be. I haven't looked back yet. I never cease to be amazed by Rome's endless beauty, delightful curiosities and fascinating mysteries.

: Trisha Thomas is a journalist working for Associated Press Television News in Rome since 1994. She is married to an Italian and is a mother of three Niccolo’, Caterina and Chiara. Welcome to the blog. Read on, get a laugh, sign up, enjoy it.

: Help and Advice for Expats and Travelers in Italy.

: Life is Funny for an American Attorney in Rome.

: Rome based blogger, app writer, information curator, traveler, coffee and cocktail drinker. Gillian Longworth McGuire aka “the Source” is your go-to girl for the best information on just about anything in the eternal city, the Amalfi Coast and Capri.


: photography, expat tales and short stories from a wandering waitress.


: An English woman in Sicily handling parenthood, corruption and a Sicilian mother-in-law, all at once.

: Originally I began writing about the difficulties of being an accidental or unwilling expat in Sicily but now my life is about accepting and embracing life here.

: All about living in Italy.


: A Tuscan Texan immersed in Florentine life, passionate about food & wine | random moments | and travel

: Each week on TuscanTraveler.com I will post a longish article, TuscanTraveler’s Tale, a short piece about food, Mangia! Mangia!, a short destination article, Dove Vai?, and a commentary, Burnt to a Crisp.

: I began writing this blog when I moved to Florence in 2004. Florence, which I call my beloved city, continues to inspire and stimulate me every day.

: Living In Italy. Moving To Italy. Loving In Italy. Laughing In Italy. American Expat In Italy. A Hysterical Struggle With Language, Love, And Culture.

: everything you ever wanted to know about the medieval walled city of Barga in Tuscany, Italy.


: In 2003 Rebecca began writing a series of essays for the Slow Travel website, documenting her experiences as a transplanted American city girl to the Umbrian countryside. Her musings are reproduced here.

: This blog was once entitled, Orvieto or Bust: One Woman’s Quest to Live in Italy. In November 2012 the quest ended and I’m now living the life I’ve been planning since 2006.


: There is something about this city that causes us inhabitants to think anything that happens here is somehow interesting. It's all relative, of course; but hopefully you'll find the articles you read here così...

: We've moved from Baltimore, Maryland USA to Venice, Italy in pursuit of living our dream!

: I’m based in Venice and loving exploring the city every day as there is always something going on!

: local storytelling and slow travel, two wheels and small gathering, based in Veneto with love.  

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