Italian - English real estate dictionary

Jos Deuling,  Friday, 15 June 2018

Collage foto’s Italie

Handy online glossary with Italian real estate terms. Words you probably come across when you are going to buy a house in Italy or renovate an Italian property. I have collected more than 1000 words through various websites and I have tried to select the best translation. It has become a compact dictionary with words about the purchase, construction and maintenance of your own home in Italy.

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old doors in Italy
All types of Italian property for sale by private sellers and estate agents. Find your perfect houses, farmhouses or apartment in all regions of Italy including Liguria, Tuscany, Umbria and Marche. 

Doors old houses Italy Checklist for people who want to buy a house in Italy: watch out with buying a property from an inheritance, do not accept a definition as 'as seen' (visto e piaciuto) and don't buy an illegally built house. A few helpful tips and tricks for people who want to buy a farm in Tuscany, an apartment in Liguria or a house in the Abruzzo. 
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